sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2009

Promoting COEXIST

Coexist - is an ever growing group of people and organisations who believe that true and lasting Peace can only be sustained when economic, social and environmental justice have been achieved. The group is also on Facebook: Coexist - It is nice to find likeminded people on your excursions to the Internet.


· We are committed to promoting mutual respect and understanding between peoples.

· We believe in the education of our children and each other in the wisdom and simplicity of a peaceful existence

· We believe in freedom of speech, the protection of natural places and the sustainability of the wider environment

· We campaign to uphold the rights of all peoples and animals without a voice.

· We believe in positive action and passive resistance in achieving our aims

· We promote compassion and love in its widest sense.

· We have no political or religious affiliation

· We recognise the need for Peace organisations worldwide to work together and thereby become a stronger voice.

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